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What We Do?

We work directly with coffee farmers from around the world to source sustainable, high quality coffees. We regularly travel to our coffee producers farms to build our relationships and find new coffees. We locally roast all of our coffees to bring out the best in them and highlight the amazing work our farmers have done. We then partner with you to help you build your high quality coffee program and offerings for your customers, employees, and more. 


Want to learn More? Info@Aveleyfarmscoffee.com 


Aveley Partnerships?

Aveley Farms is built around partnerships. Partnerships with our farmers to source the best coffees, and partnerships with our wholesale partners to delivery great service. We don't just sell you coffee and walk away. We can help you with your equipment selection, coffee education, training and more, for your new cafe, corporate coffee for employees, and more. 



Aveley has a brand new Roastery & Training lab dedicated to helping our staff and wholesale partners succeed. We have experienced coffee professionals that can help with barista training, coffee education and more. We can visit you on-site or you can come to our Roastery to see coffee up close! 

Interested in serving our coffee and cold brew in your cafe or office?
Contact Us: Info@Aveleyfarmscoffee.com 

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