Brew Methods


The AeroPress is a small, compact and durable coffee press that makes a delicious sweet and flavorful cup of coffee at home or on the go. Bean to Cup in under 5 minutes. Ideal for big bodied coffees.

  • Step One: Measure 15-17 grams (2.5 tablespoons) of coffee and grind to a fine texture. Prep/Boil water.
  • Step Two: Prep AeroPress. Insert Filter and pre-wet to discard any paper flavors. Connect the filter and chamber together and add finely ground coffee to the camber.
  • Step Three: Add water up to the number 4. Making sure to spin the AeroPress and saturate all coffee grounds.
  • Step Four: Once you pour water to number 4, stir the coffee and saturated grinds to ensure even saturation. Place the plunger in the chamber at an angle and pull up to create a pressure seal.
  • Step Five: After 1:30 remove plunger and stir coffee again. Put the plunger back in the chamber and push down to extract the coffee. Continue pressure until you hear a hissing sound and all water has been plunged.
  • Step Six: Clean and Enjoy your perfectly brewed AeroPress Coffee. Total time should take about 2 minutes. Pop the filter basket off the chamber and push down to dispose of coffee grinds. Total coffee yielded 8oz.


    French Press

    The French Press is one of the easiest and most common brew methods since it's invention. Bean to cup in under 5 minutes resulting in big body coffees.

    • Step One: Warm your French Press with hot water to maintain heat for extraction. Measure 50-60grams (7-8tbsp) and grind course. 
    • Step Two: Add ground coffee to your empty French Press and add water half way making sure to saturate all coffee grounds.  
    • Step Three: After 30 seconds, stir the top layer of saturated grinds. Fill with water to the top of your French Press and put the top on. Do not press down. 
    • Step Four: Between 4-5 minutes press your coffee down. 
    • Step Five: Pour and enjoy immediatly! If you leave your coffee, it will continue to extract resulting in undesired taste profile. 
    • Step Six: Clean your French Press with warm water and dispose of coffee grounds.
    • Step Seven: Don't drink the last sip. It is filled with unfiltered coffee sediment. 


      Pour Over

      One of Aveley's favorite brew methods is the pour over. This is a great choice  for anyone looking for full control of extraction speed and temperature. Total time is about 3-4 minutes per cup.

      • Step One: Add filter to a Hario V60 dripper and rinse with water to rid of any paper flavor. 
      • Step Two: Grind 25 grams of coffee (3tbsp) to a fine setting and add coffee to the brewer. (You can play with the grind size for desired results, time, extraction, etc.)
      • Step Three: Saturate coffee grounds with just enough water to cover all grounds. Let your coffee bloom for 30 seconds. This allows coffee to de gas and release bubbles. 
      • Step Four: Continue to slowly and steadily pour water in circular motions onto your coffee grounds. You should be continually pouring every 30 seconds until you reach 330-350 grams. 
      • Step Five: Let your coffee fully drip (3-4 min mark) and pour and enjoy! This should result in a 10oz cup of perfectly brewed coffee!
      • Step Six: Dispose of used filter and grounds and rinse with water to prepare for your next pour over!


      Cold Brew

      Cold Brew is one of the most popular and most rewarding brews. It is extremely refreshing throughout the year, especially on a hot summer day! Brewing time is between 12-24 hours.  

      • Step One: Measure 12 ounces of coffee coarsely ground. Use the coarsest setting on your grinder.
      • Step Two: Assemble your Toddy or other Cold Brew brewer and have the filter in place before adding coffee to the brew tower. 
      • Step Three: Add water according to your Toddy or brew method for your ratio. 
      • Step Four: When brewing 12oz you should yeild 36 ounces of cold brew concentrate.
      • Step Five: Place in refrigerator and let brew for 12-24hrs. This is personal preference. We recommend 18-20 hours for best results.
      • Step Six: Dilute Cold Brew to Water 2:1. Again this is personal preference if you like it stronger and more kick. We recommend 2:1 ratio for best results.
      • You can brew cold brew with a French Press for great results! 

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